About Us

The idea of Yesterday’s Bred was born on a cold winter day on a perfect planet alignment. In reality, it was born during a party in Amsterdam. Feeling at home Stratos, the owner of Yesterday’s Bread, met the owners of the company which supplies our stock. The ground was ready for the foundations to be laid. The worm was looking to get settled. But were should that be? Having in mind how sales work, there was no better place than Exarcheia. We were aiming for all day (…and all night!) clothing, for every occasion and style. However, there was something more to conquer. Not only for the shop to have its own identity, but also to win over people of different facets. So Yesterday’s Bread became more than a vintage and second hand clothes’ shop. It is the essence of its’ customers and patrons. We call them patrons because we have strong family bonds with them. Circles of friends, parties, confessions, intimacy, humanity…. Thanks to you all, in December 2019, Yesterday’s Bread got a a branch so as to meet your needs and desires. Unfortunately, this past year everything changed to its core.  We had to find a way to keep in touch and meet our goals. Times change and technology evolves. Therefore, Yesterday’s Bread built an online community for online shopping or strolling, cruising so as to cheer you up in the midst of the pandemic dystopia. Please stay safe and we wish to see everyone again in due time when this over.